Image and sound laboratory



- Transcoding rushes on a variety of programs : Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, Resolve
- Digital image conformation
- Syncronization of dailies

- Sound auto-reconformation (AATON Cantar, Sound Devices, Nagra, etc…) by Pyramix from your Avid or Final Cut Pro Editing.
- Re-recording, digitisation and sound acquisition from every format :

  • 35mm and 16mm Magnetic tapes using Fougerolle AR3000 player
  • 1/4″ Magnetic tape using Nagra T Kudelski – Audio TC
  • Audio tape, single / LP vinyle record
  • Digital tape : DAT, DA88, Exabyte
  • Digital back-up device : DD8 Akai Disk, DD1500, M.O., DVD-Ram