“Little Go Girls” by Eliane de Latour

In the year 2015, Archipel welcomed in its sound editing rooms and mixing studio the Eliane de Latour’s new movie, “Little Go Girls”

Theatrical release on March, 9th !

In Abidjan, mainly Muslim, quite illiterate, the gos sell their body to have a little of autonomy. Very young, they flee domestic violence to join a ghetto. Jewel, Blancho, Chata, Mahi are on the streets in “appropriate” hidden recesses. The time, shaped by the expectation and the vacuity, lets emerge the intimacy without a word or almost. Suddenly the weightlessness is pushed aside by the arrival of a social project. The girls, who know each other by the ghetto where they are sold, agree to change their fate by entering “Casa”. The tensions are such as they eventually hire two small maids that they pay 0,50€ a day. While the “gos” begin to take out the head of the darkness, they cross the relay of the servitude to girls  deprived of school; as they at the same age. Doubtless will follow they the same way. The circle closes. Who will really go out of it?



Director: Eliane de Latour

Sound editor: Antonin Dalmasso

Re-recording mixer: Antonin Dalmasso

Eliane de Latour